bob reports provides you with out of the box reports as well as the ability to create your own and arrange them into folders.

What is Reports Management in bob?

Clicking on the Reports menu item takes you to the Company Reports page, where you can create new reports and arrange them into folders. You can also find reports that have been automatically created for you in your account to help you make strategic decisions with your employee information, or to build your own using the templates provided for you in the New Report button.

Created reports can be downloaded, sent by email or scheduled to be sent periodically to internal or external viewers.

How to use bob’s Reports Management

Creating a new report

Use preset report templates from a range of categories to create a new report. Follow these steps to create a report:

  1. Click on New report

  2. Select the desired report type from the available options

  3. You will now see the report viewer page, use the column picker to add/remove data columns to your report

  4. Select the relevant filters in the filter bar, or click More to create rule based filters

  5. Once you’re happy with the report you’ve created, press save icon

  6. Enter a report name and description, and select an existing folder location or create a new folder for your new report

7. Your report is now saved in the selected folder with the following information:

  • Report name

  • Description

  • Report type (as selected in step 2)

  • Date updated - when the last change was made to the report

  • Updated by - name of the person who made the last change

Editing and report actions

A set of actions including editing, duplicating and downloading are available for all reports. Mark one or more reports in the table view of any folder and select from the following actions:

  • Edit - change report data and filters

  • Duplicate - create a duplicate and save as new report

  • Rename - change report name

  • Move To - change report folder location

  • Download - download report to .xlsx or .csv

  • Schedule - set a schedule to receive reports automatically

  • Delete - delete report

  • Email report - email report to any recipient with the following options:

- When multiple reports are selected, decide whether to merge them into one

report with multiple sheets, or keep a separate file for each report

- Send to internal recipients by selecting from the list of company employees

and/or enter an email address to send to a recipient external to your organization

Note: once reports are emailed out of bob recipients will be able to view all the data in the report regardless of their permissions in bob.

Managing report folders

Report folders allow you to organize reports according to your flow of work.

To create a new folder:

  1. Click on the + folder icon

  2. Give your folder a name

  3. Press Create

To add reports to a new folder:

  1. Select the folder name for the file location when saving a report

  2. Use the Move To action to move existing reports into the new folder

Note: You can rename and delete folders from the three dot menu to right of each folder. Take care! Deleting a folder will also delete all of its contents.

Need more help? If you're unsure about anything please send us a message through the chat icon below.

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