Easing the process of setting up new employees, bob allows you to create templated New Hire Wizards so that you have exactly the right wizard ready to go every time you add a new hire. When setting up each of these templates, all of the fields, documents, and tasks that need to be completed as part of adding a new hire are defined. This way, when you or your team are ready to add a new hire to bob you’ll be guided through each stage of the process as part of a quick and easy New Hire wizard.

What is the New Hire Wizard?

bob’s New Hire wizard helps you streamline the process of adding new hires to bob. The wizard guides you through all of the necessary steps to adding a new hire to the system, such as entering the employee's basic information, attaching documents to their profile, defining their payroll, benefits and time off policies, all in one go.

How to add a New Hire to bob

Wizard Selection

To add a new hire to bob, simply head over to the People Directory and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the + New hire button

  2. Select the most suitable new hire template for your new joiner

  3. click Start

New Hire Wizard Steps

After selecting the desired New Hire Template and clicking Start you will enter the New Hire Wizard that will guide you through a series of steps that were defined during the New Hire Template setup. You will see each included step at the top of the page.

Tip: Can’t see a New Hire wizard? Check your Flow Settings.

Step 1: Employee Details

The Details step of the wizard includes all of the information fields that must be completed for the new joiner. This is where you'll input a variety of information about the new hire to populate their Employee Profile sections including Basic Info, Personal, Personal Contact Details, Work, Work Contact Details, Work Eligibility, and Payroll.

  1. It’s always best to fill in as many details as possible in each section, the mandatory fields are marked by a red asterisk

  2. bob automatically generates an ID for every employee in the Work section, you can also enter your own instead in the Employee ID field

  3. Add as many entries as you need in the employment type, base salary and variable pay fields in the Payroll section.

  4. Click Next. The employee record is now created.

Step 2: Time Off Policies

The Time Off step of the wizard guides you through assigning Time Off policies to the new joiner. The displayed Time Off policies are those selected within the configured new hire template.

  1. Hover over any list item's tooltip to view the policy’s info: whether the balance is tracked, the allowance and the cycle settings.

  2. To assign a Time Off policy simply select the desired Time Off policy and it will be displayed on the right side of the page

  3. To remove a policy assignment simply hover over the policy on the right side of the page and click the bin icon

  4. Click Next

Note: you can select up to one Time Off policy for each Time Off policy type

Step 3: Benefits

Once you’ve assigned your new employee's Time Off policies, your next step is to either set eligibility or to enroll benefits for your employee.

  1. Hover over a tile and click Eligible to make that benefit available for the employee to select

  2. Hover over a tile and click Enroll to select that benefit for the employee

3. Enter the requested information in the popup about the employee and employer contributions

4. Click Save

Step 4: Documents

The Documents step allows you to attach documents for the new joiner to view during their onboarding. You will also be able to select company docs to be read and approved by the new joiner.
This page divided into two sections:
Requests - this section might have a pre-set of docs that the new joiner will be requested to read and approved. The requested docs are managed by the configured new hire template but you can always add your own.
Employee docs - this section shows all the docs folders the new joiner applies to. Some of them can be shared with them and some are confidential. You can upload docs to these folders and see whether the folder is shared or not.

  1. Click the + under Shared Docs to add documents for the employee to view, they will be stored in the employee’s shared folder

  2. Click the + under Confidential Docs to add documents to the employee’s secret folder which only Admins or Managers with special permissions can view

  3. Repeat as needed for any kind of folder you might have

  4. Click Next

Tip: Add documents to custom employee docs folders

Step 5: Onboarding Task lists

The Tasks step allows you to initiate a task list with tasks for all stakeholders to prepare for your new joiner.

  1. Choose your desired task list from the Choose a task list dropdown

  2. You will be able to see whether the selected task list is auto-scheduled or not. You can choose whether to keep the scheduling criteria, by selecting to trigger the task list as scheduled or trigger it now.

  3. The task list will be triggered based on your selection and every employee designated within the task list will get a notification email about their assigned tasks, emails or feedback. You can learn more here.

Step 6: Invite New Hire

You're nearly done!

The last step of the New Hire wizard is to invite your new hire to join bob, and select their Onboarding experience.

  1. Choose when to invite your new hire to join bob:
    Invite now: first, an invitation will be sent immediately to the employee's personal email for pre-boarding (so the new employee can fill in the required details). The second invitation will be sent to the employee's work email on their start date, along with an invitation to join bob.
    Invite on start date: an invitation will only be sent to an employee's work email on the new hire's start date. Selecting this option will also allow you to choose whether the employee will go through the onboarding process or not.
    Invite before start date: schedule the invitation to be sent a number of days before the start date to the employee's personal email for pre-boarding (so the new employee can fill in the required details). The second invitation will be sent to the employee's work email on their start date, along with an invitation to join bob.
    Don't invite: toggle off the invite option. An automatic invitation will not be sent. You can always invite them manually to join bob.

  2. Select the Onboarding template that’s right for them

  3. Clicking Done

How to Edit a Saved New Hire Wizard

After the first time you click Next within the wizard it will save. You can edit the New Hire wizard anytime until the employee’s start date. From their start date all changes must be made from their Profile page.

Tip: Easily find your saved New Hire Wizards by searching for 'Hired' employees using the Lifecycle filter in the People Directory.

You're all set. Congratulations on adding a new hire!

Need more help? If you're unsure about anything, please send us a message through the chat icon below.

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