Templated New Hire Wizards allow you to create multiple wizards to help you streamline the process of adding new hires to bob. You can create templates for each of your sites, departments, or talent profiles to help you support your diverse workforce throughout your remote or global sites. In each template you'll choose the fields and sections to include in the new hire wizard, so you won't waste time sifting through irrelevant fields.

How to create New Hire Wizard Templates

You can find your New Hire Template library under Settings > Flow Settings.
Follow these steps to create a new template:

1. Open the New Hire sub-tab
2. Click on the New hire template tile

3. The template builder will now guide you through a series of three steps to build your personalized new hire process

Step 1: Name template

The Template details step is where you'll add information about the template to help others on your team know when to use it.

1. Enter a Template name, this will appear in your template options when adding a new hire to bob
2. Add a description to help others decide when this template should be used
3. Press the Next button to continue

Step 2: Select fields

In the Categories and fields step you'll select the information fields your HR team will need to complete about the employee when adding a new hire.

1. Use the search functionality, or scroll and select desired fields by entire categories or individually. Each field chosen will appear to the right, and can be removed by clicking on the x.
2. Press the Next button to continue

*Tip: To control which fields are mandatory and must be completed as part of the new hire wizard, access the employee field settings under Settings > Employee Fields.  

Step 3: Manage included sections

The last step of building your template is Features, where you will select which feature areas to include as steps in the new hire flow you are creating. This will allow you to control whether benefits, timeoff, docs and tasks are part of the new hire flow or not.
1. Simply toggle off any section you do not want included, for instance if you will not be assigning a Time Off policy you will toggle that feature off
2. Click Done to save your new hire template

*Tip: You can come back and add or remove feature steps in anytime
*Tip: Make sure the selected features are turned on in Settings > Manage features

You're ready to add new hires!

Now when you access the People Directory and press on the + New hire button you'll be prompted to select from the New Hire Templates you've created to enter the wizard and start adding the new employee. Find more information on how to add a new hire to bob here.

Need more help? If you're unsure about anything, send us a message through the chat icon below.

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