These are trying times. Companies around the globe have been thrown into managing entirely remote workforces overnight, accompanied by many challenges. At the forefront are culture and employee engagement.

Now more than ever, we must act to put our people first.

How can bob help?

We are boosting our efforts to make sure that bob continues to meet your remote needs as they change and expand. Continuing to build the future of remote work, we have created the below features and resources to support you and your employees.

This article will be continuously updated as we add more functionalities.

Create an engaging communications hub

Keep communication alive with added Shoutout functionalities that let you share a collage of images in each Shoutout, plus a new newsletter-style layout that features multiple posts on bob's homepage at once. Now you can also pin your favorite Shoutouts to keep them at the top.

Stay connected with check-ins and coworker availability

As part of our Time and Attendance module, we're giving teams clear visibility of each other so they’re always in the know. By clocking in and out employees can share when they’re actively working and when they’re on a break, and see the same status from their teammates. You'll see My Team on the bob homepage, in Slack, Microsoft Teams, and soon on the mobile app too. 

Keep your finger on the pulse with a free COVID-19 work experience survey 

We've curated a quick survey for you to check in with your employees and get real-time feedback about their remote work experience during the COVID-19 WFH period. You can use the provided list of questions or customize and make it your own to stay connected with your people, gauge your business response and inform your strategy during this time. You'll find the survey in your Quick Company Surveys template library.

Onboard new hires remotely with a ready-made workflow 

Life, and business are continuing and that means navigating onboarding new hires in a new setting - remotely. We’ve added a ready-to-use task list to your collection to help you navigate the tasks of preparing for a new joiner. Leave it as is, or customize to suit your specific needs. Checkout the WFH onboarding task list in the Task lists tab.

Ease your HR processes using Task Lists

A Task List is an automated workflow made up of a variety of tasks that can set off actions within and out of bob. Task Lists can be set to start on a particular date, tied to an event, or upon completion of another process or action such as a Promotion or end of probation. There are three types of tasks in Task Lists: a General Task, an Email Task and an Employee Feedback Task.

  • General task - acts as a reminder to perform a task and allows you to select a specific audience and set a dependency on another task.

  • Email task - automatically sends custom emails within or outside of your organization, it’s a great way to automate sending reminders and notifications to stakeholders.

  • Feedback task - automate collection of Employee Lifecycle Feedback from employees at all the right times - based on the timing of lifecycle events.

Leave no stone unturned with seamless leave management

With the current situation has arisen a need to place many employees on leave or furlough, as organizations change and adjust. To help with this urgent need, we've created a robust functionality to help you manage employee leave efficiently and accurately. You'll be able to take bulk actions to place many employees on leave at once, re-assign teams to new managers, transfer workflow ownership and track and report throughout bob.

*This feature was developed at nearly the speed of light, so we're not quite ready to release it to our entire portfolio of clients yet. If you'd like to have access now, reach out to our support team and we'll get it to you.

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