This integration allows you to automatically take newly-hired candidates from Jobvite and add them to bob.


In order to setup Jobvite integration, you’ll have to first obtain from Jobvite an API & Secret Key. To request API credentials, file a support ticket with Jobvite here.

In the support case you’ll need to provide the following:

  1. The name of the API for which the credentials should be valid. Use the following list:

  • GET Candidate

  • GET Candidate with Encoded Artifacts

  • GET Job

  • GET Contact

  • GET Engage Custom Fields

  • GET Category

  • GET Department

  • GET Custom Field    

2. A user email of your choice to which these credentials should be associated with. 


Create a new Jobvite integration in bob. 

Navigate to Settings >  Integrations > Recruitment > Jobvite > Connect

Fill in the API & Secret key you’ve received from Jobvite and the click Generate URL & Secret.

Once the configuration is created, you’ll be presented with an URL and a Secret Key. The URL is the destination (in bob) to which the new hires from Jobvite will be sent to. The Secret Key is used to validate that the new hires are actually coming from Jobvite and not from another third party. 

Make sure to keep the URL and Secret key at hand as you’ll need them in the next section. 


To complete the integration, a final step needs to be done on the Jobvite side. 

Contact Jobvite support and request them to enable webhook callback for event type: workflowUpdate and candidates that are hired (Offer Accepted). Include in the request the Bob URL and Bob secret that you’ve previously generated.


The following fields are automatically imported from Jobvite:

Custom fields from Candidate, Requisition & Hire will be automatically mapped if they have the same name as the bob field.

How it works

That’s it! Now candidate resumes, cover letters, and attachments will be automatically pulled from Jobvite.

The bob Jobvite integration is designed to work with the Jobvite production environment. Note that trying to set up this integration using the Jobvite staging environment will not work. 

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