About Doc Requests

bob's Requests area of Docs is where you can view the status of files for you and others and take quick actions, all in one dedicated place. Here you can find all of your documents with pending status for you and others. Once the required action is completed (i.e read or sign), they’ll automatically move to My Docs or People’s Docs.

Navigate to Docs > Requests

In the Requests tab, you can view the current status of all of the documents pending for you and your team. Here you can track where documents stand and whether they need to be read or signed by you or by members of your team.

Request Types

There are two different Request types; Pending for Me and Pending for Others. In both types, you can see who the doc action was requested by and who it was requested by.

Pending for Me

Navigate to Docs > Requests > Pending for Me

In the Pending for Me section, you can view all of the documents that are pending your action, such as reading or signing a document. 

By clicking on the status button, you can quickly take the required action (i.e reading or signing) from this section.

Pending for Others

Navigate to Docs > Requests > Pending for Others

In the Pending for Others section, you can view which documents are pending for other people to take action. You have the option to sort the documents either by the people who assigned to take the actions on them or by the people the documents belong to.

Requests Permissions

Your Requests permissions will define which options will be available to each user type in the Doc Requests.

To set permissions for how people in the company can use and access Requests:

  1. Access your user settings from the Settings in bob's main (side) menu.

  2. Click on the Roles & Permissions tab.

  3. Select the group for whom you would like to manage Doc Requests permissions.

  4. Under Manage Permissions, click on Manage Permissions and navigate to Other Employees.

  5. Select Docs on the lefthand side.

  6. Select Confidential or Shared Docs folders.

  7. Adjust your Group Permission settings. 

  8. That’s it! Your Doc Requests permissions are all set.

Note that the document will move from the Requests tab to the My Docs or People's Docs tab after the required action is completed (i.e reading or signing).

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