Platform Updates

A FRIENDLIER, SPEEDIER NEW bob Clear, consistent, and efficient improvements
We've made a few changes to the look and feel of bob, but most of all you'll experience speed. We have powered up to make sure you get the fastest possible loading times. You'll also notice a host of visual improvements, all aimed at helping you get the most out of bob. We are constantly working to improve how bob works for you.

Employee Updates

GARDEN LEAVE Updates for peaceful goodbyes
Simply deactivate an employee by selecting Garden Leave status, then set their last day at work in addition to the actual termination date. Their status will be listed as Garden Leave until the termination date. For manager terminations, easily select a replacement owner to receive their workflows, to do tasks, and reports. Replacement managers also enable automatic profile and org chart updates for direct reports.

Time Off

BALANCE LIMIT Never go negative again
Time off just got smarter for you and your people. Employee time off policies can now be set up with a specific limit, ensuring that they never reach a negative balance. Don’t worry, this already factors in current, pending, and approved requests, plus future requests. The only exception here is when requests are submitted on an employee’s behalf and via imports. How? Simply set up negative balance limitations.

EXCEPTIONAL CYCLE Be the exception, not the rule
New timeoff cycles are now available for specific groups of employees. The groups can include different sites, departments, or contractors - the choice is yours. Simply add them to the ‘exceptional cycle filter’ according to set criteria (time frequency and definitions) and bob will take care of the rest.


PERMISSIONS GROUP REPORT All your info in one place
We’re happy to share our new report option to view permission groups on an individual basis. These flexible reports can be organized by team, employment type, and more!

All the insights
Now you can group people insights by any field, including those in custom lists. Sort by headcount, manager, division, and more attributes!

Keep in touch!

Look out for the next Product Updates here and in your inbox. And as always, if you have any requests for things you would like to see in bob, send us a message by email or in the chat icon below. 

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