How can I set up an employee onboarding template?

When you hire a new employee, they'll go through an onboarding process to be welcomed to the company and be prepared for their first day. This process involves both filling in some personal details as well as getting an email invitation to join bob. With bob's onboarding template builder, admins can create a customized onboarding template based on your specific business needs and processes, so that your new hires can have the smoothest onboarding process when joining your company. 

Note: this new template builder replaces the old Welcome Wizard within Settings.

Admin Setup

To create a new onboarding template, navigate to Settings > Flows > Employee Onboarding. Then, click on New onboarding template to get started.

Once you click New onboarding template, you'll be guided through a series of five steps to build your personalized process:

Step 1: Name and description

Here, you'll give the onboarding template a name and short description to help others on your team know when to use it. This name will also be the display name when you want to trigger an onboarding process from the configured templates list. 

Step 2: Introduction screen

The introduction screen will welcome all new employees when they sign up. Enter the welcome text you want to show your employees, with the option to include a picture or a video.

Step 3: Employee details

Here, you'll select which fields the new employees should fill in as part of the onboarding process. You can choose an entire category (ex. every subfield within Basic Info), or you can select only a handful of fields based on your business needs (ex. First name, Last name, and Passport number).

Keep in mind: this step of the onboarding template only asks you to choose which fields are displayed. To toggle whether or not a displayed field is mandatory for employees to fill, navigate to Settings > Employee Fields.  Note that the displayed categories and fields will be editable to the employee only during the onboarding process; after onboarded, it will be based on the "profile owners" permission groups.

Step 4: The people

In this section, bob will introduce the new employee to their colleagues and key people within the company. You can choose whether to display colleagues from the same department or manager, or skip this screen altogether. Additionally, you can choose to display key people, like your company's CEO or IT manager.

Step 5: Welcome email

This step allows you to create two emails that can be sent to your new hires:

  1. Sign-in email: Your own welcome message for your people to join bob on their first day at work. They'll receive this email with a link to join bob.

  2. Pre-boarding email: Your own welcome message for your people who have just been hired and are able to fill their details before their first day at work. In this email, your new employees will be sent a link to start the onboarding process. 

As explained above, in both emails, the new employee will receive the welcome message in an email with a link to log in to bob. 

If you'd like to add additional information to these emails, you can use employee data annotations by clicking the icon at the top right-hand side (shown above). With these annotations, you can personalize the messages bob sends by using specific fields (e.g. display buddy details, show the direct manager's phone number, etc.).

Step 6: Docs

This step is for those that require new employees to upload docs within the onboarding flow. Simply select the checkbox and list out which documents you would like the new employee to upload.

In addition, if the new employee is required to read and approve any documents from the Add New Hire wizard settings, they will be able to read and approve these documents when getting onboarded.
Note that if the new employees are requested to upload a doc, they need to have permission to upload docs (you can allow it by editing the "profile owners" permission group).

You're almost set and ready to go!

In order to trigger the template you've just created, you'll need to invite new employees to join bob. When you add a new hire to bob, you'll be asked to send an invitation to join bob. You can select one of the following:

  1. Invite now: first, an invitation will be sent immediately to the employee's personal email for pre-boarding (so the new employee can fill in the required details). The second invitation will be sent to the employee's work email on their start date, along with an invitation to join bob. 

  2. Invite on start date: an invitation will only be sent to an employee's work email on the new hire's start date.

  3. Invite before start date: schedule the invitation to be sent a number of days before the start date to the employee's personal email for pre-boarding (so the new employee can fill in the required details). The second invitation will be sent to the employee's work email on their start date, along with an invitation to join bob.

  4. Don't invite: toggle off the invite option. An automatic invitation will not be sent. You can always invite them manually to join bob.

Along with your selection, you'll need to choose which onboarding template wizard you want to send to the employee.

Another option is to invite your new employees in bulk from the people directory if you import your data in bulk and want to invite a group of employees at once.

Employee View 

Once the employee accepts the invitation, all the steps you've configured will be displayed accordingly as part of the onboarding process.

Step 1: the welcome page will be displayed based on the template text, video or picture:

Step 2: the employee will be invited to upload a profile picture:

Step 3: the employee will be asked to fill in the required details, as set up in the onboarding template:

Step 4 (optional): if you requested any documents from your employees, they can upload them here:

Step 5: the employee will be able to see their teammates and the company's key people:

That's it for both the admin set up and employee view.

You're ready to start building personalized onboarding templates to create the smoothest onboarding process for your new hires. 

Need more help? If you're unsure about anything, send us a message through the chat icon below.

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