When thinking about talent, it's not just about the top performers! 

Who are your ambassadors? Who embodies your company’s values? And reversely, who seem to be disengaged or even disgruntled? 

Allow your directors, managers, or all your employees to provide you with input on their peers so you can answer questions like:

Are you inclusive?
See the breakdown of your talent groups; e.g., percentage of women, distribution by age groups, and more.

Are there insights to gain?
View number of managers in the past 12 months; average tenure and distribution of  time in current position.

How it Works

Set up the question you want to ask and then define:

  • Who do you want to hear from? A handpicked selection or all employees?

  • Who can they select? Can they select from their direct reports or from all employees?

Once you send your question, recipients have 2 weeks (by default) to provide you with their nominees. After the answers are in, you can view the selected employees and dive into their stats.


  • Send a question as often as you want. It takes less than a minute to answer!

  • Replace cumbersome calibration ratings (e.g. 9boxing all your employees one by one) with questions that are easy to answer (it’s more intuitive to select one person based on a particular criteria than to label each and every one).

  • Grouping can uncover biases (e.g. low % of women in a “Ready for Promotion” group), as well as reveal important information about how your organisation operates internally.

After this, you will have a more holistic understanding of your people: not just how they define themselves, but also how they see one another.

Setting Up a Talent Group

Head over the the Surveys section of bob's main menu, then go to the Talent Groups tab.

Step 1: Create Group

  1. Click the New Group button.

  1. In the The Name field that appears on the setup screen, enter a name for your group, e.g. Top talent / Employee of the month.

  2. In the The Question field, enter the question you would like to ask. 

  3. To select the people who will be asked the question from Step 2, click Select Employees and mark the desired nominators. You can choose as many respondents as you'd like.

  4. Click Next at the top right of your screen.

Step 2: Group Setup

  1. Choose who can be nominated for this talent group in the Who can be added to the group? dropdown.

  2. If you'd like to limit the number of people who can be nominated, turn on the Set a cap... toggle.

  3. If you have turned on the cap toggle in the previous step, enter the total number of people you would like to be nominated in the Max. number of people field.

  4. Enter the number of days you would like to allow responses to be collected in the Duration field.

  5.  Define the number of reminders you would like to be sent to the selected nominators in the Reminders field. 

  6. Click Next at the top right of your screen.

Step 3: Email Setup

  1. Select a name from the Send the email from? dropdown to define the email address that the nomination email will come from.

  2.  Customize the email message that nominators will receive.

  3. Click Done at the top right of your screen.

  4. A verification screen will open: press Send now to distribute the email to nominators.

Progress Tracker 

Track Talent Groups' progress and take actions:

  • Pause voting

  • Share results

  • Create reminders

  • Manage Group duration and details

  • Invite additional people to respond

  • Close the Talent Group to answers

  • Delete the Talent Group

Nominator View

Any employee added to a Talent Group as a nominator/respondent will be able to easily view and vote through the Talent Groups tab.

  1. Click the Answer now button on a Talent Group tile.

  2. Click on the the colleagues you'd like to nominate. You can search and use the filters at the top to help find the people you're looking for. Your chosen nominees will now appear at the top of the page.

  3. Once you have nominated everyone you would like, click Submit at the top right of your screen. 


From the progress tracker screen on the Talent Groups tab, click any Talent Group tile marked Ended to view its results.

On the results page you can also take the following actions:

  • Share results

  • Edit Group members

  • Reopen the Group so respondents can continue to nominate. Note that if the Group is re-opened, results will not be available and any edits made after results were received will be lost.

  • See who was invited to this Talent Group, including who has or has not answered.

  • Delete the Talent Group

You're ready to gather real insights from your talent groups and use this information to drive action in your organisation! 

That's it!

Need more help? If you're unsure about anything, send us a message through the chat icon below.

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