Time for a break? Before you pack your bags, let's go over how to book time off through bob.

My Time Off

Clicking on Time Off in bob's main menu takes you to the My Time Off page where you'll see any upcoming Time Off requests you may have, along with all of the leave policies that your company's system administrator assigned to you.

How to Request Time Off

To submit a request to work from home, take a sick day, go on holiday, or any other type of time off your company supports, start by clicking the Request time off button.

  • In the Policy dropdown select the type of time off you want to take (work from home / sick leave / PTO etc...)

  • Choose the start and end dates of your desired time off using the calendar picker in the From and To fields.

  • Depending on whether the chosen policy has been defined by your system administrator as daily or hourly, you'll be able to choose to request all day / morning / afternoon / hours in the Time period fields to the right of the From and To date fields. 

  • For hourly requests, you must select a single day for the date range and hourly in the Time period field. Then you will be prompted to enter the number of hours you would like to request.

  • Add a description if you would like a note to be attached to your request.

  • Your request will be sent to your manager for approval and will appear at the top of the My Time Off page in your Upcoming Requests with the status 'pending'

How to Change or Cancel Requests

Each of your Time Off requests appear at the top of the My Time Off page under Upcoming Requests. On the right side of each request there is a side menu represented by three dots, that allow you to Edit or Cancel the request.

Understanding Your Time Off Balance

Each Time Off policy that has been assigned to you by your employer appears in a separate tile on your My Time Off page. By default each tile will be minimized, showing you the policy name, that days taken on that policy during the current time off cycle, and your current balance for the policy.

By clicking the arrow to the left of any policy name, that policy view will expand showing more detailed information about the policy and how your balance was calculated.

Here is a guide to the sections of the expanded time off policy view, see the numbered image to help you locate each item below:

  1. Annual Allowance represents the amount of time off you are entitled to yearly, based on the policy settings.

  2. Current Cycle shows the dates of the current time off cycle to which the balance here applies.

  3. Previous balance is the starting balance that was carried over from the previous time off cycle.

  4. Days accrued (or Hours accrued in the case of an hourly policy) is the number of days or hours that were accrued during the current time off cycle.

  5. Days taken (or Hours taken in the case of an hourly policy) shows the number of approved days or hours of time off that you booked during this cycle.

  6. Days booked (or Hours booked in the case of an hourly policy) shows the number of approved days or hours of time off that you requested during this cycle for a date in a future cycle.

  7. Current balance reflects your total time off balance for the current cycle. The values are dynamic and will show based on the events that occurred during the time off cycle.

Tip: Read your detailed Time Off policy view from left to right to understand the calculation behind your Current balance

*In some cases an additional line item may appear, Admin adjustment, this means your manager or system Admin made manual changes to your Time Off.

        8. Expected deduction lets you know if any of your balance is set to expire by the
            end of the current time off cycle as a result of company policy. This is a heads
            up for you to book it or lose it.
         9. The Balance activity button takes you to your full Time Off activity history.

Balance Questions

Something with your balance doesn't seem right? Check with your manager or HR, they will most likely be able to resolve the issue for you.

Need more help? If you're unsure about anything please send us a message through the chat icon below.

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