As a system administrator (Admin), you have enhanced functionality on the Time Off section in bob. You'll be able to create reports, request time off on an employee’s behalf, cancel and approve requests, and change an employee’s holiday policy.

Approving Time Off & Company Calendar 

As an Admin, you have access to all the time off requests made across your organisation. In order to access them, head over to Time Off > Requests.

Pending Requests

As a Manager or Admin, you can see up to two groups of pending requests:

  1. Pending for your approval - these are the requests awaiting your approval made by your direct reports.
  2. Pending for others approval - these are requests you have access to as an Admin, but are awaiting approval by other managers.

Each request is minimized by default, showing basic information about the request along with quick approve and reject buttons.

Clicking the arrow at the left hand side of each request block expands the view so you can view more insights about the request, including the employee’s current balance and who else from your team is out of office on those days.

Time Off Calendar

At the bottom of the Requests page you'll see your entire company's Time Off calendar. Here you gain full oversight about the timing and policies for which your employees are booking time off. You can filter the view the calendar by site, team, direct/indirect reports. 

People's Time Off 

Clicking along to the next tab labelled People's Time Off takes you to a table view for all of your employees. From this section of the platform, you'll be able to download existing time off data. 

If you need to quickly assign or remove policies, adjust days taken or view remaining balance, you can do so via the Actions button. 

In the example below you can see filtering by the departments Accounting, Admin, Audit and assigned them all to a holiday policy. 

Requesting Time Off on Behalf of an Employee

As a Manager/Admin you can submit a request for absence on behalf of the employee by the Actions functionality in the People's Time Off directory.

  1. Mark the employee/s you wish to request time off for in the checkbox to the left of their name/s
  2. Click the Action menu and select Request on behalf

         c. In the Submit on behalf dialogue box that opens, select the desired policy
             from drop down.
         d. Enter the From and To dates using the calendar picker.
         e. Define whether the request starts and ends with a whole day, part day or a
             number of hours.
         f. Check the box next to Auto approve this request if you'd like the Time Off
            request to be automatically approved
         g. Add a description if you would like a note to be attached to the request.

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