When an employee works hours different to those of their site, you can manage their personal work pattern in bob. In addition to work pattern editing capability, you can also record the FTE % worked against their employee card.

Edit an Employee Work Pattern

Head to the employee's Profile page, and scroll down to the Employment section.

Click to Add or edit a row.
By default, the employee will have their site's working pattern.
Click on the Working pattern drop down selector, and choose whether to set the work pattern in days or hours. The FTE % worked will be calculated as per your entry here.

If you choose 'Days' in Working pattern, you can tick or untick to include only the days you would like. In this case, the work hours per day will be taken from the site configuration. 

If you choose 'Hours', you will be able to define any number of work hours for each day. 

You can always change back to the site default by selecting it in the Working pattern dropdown.

Import a Work Pattern

To import a work pattern, head to the Import tab (menu) via Employee. From there:

  1. In the Import Table Data dropdown, select Employment. 

  2. In the screen that opens, you can either upload the excel file as per the onscreen instructions, or download a template data sheet and change the values.

  3. If you upload your own Excel source file, it must have the following values:

  • Email (the typical employee identifier)

  • Effective Date: from what date will the change take place

  • Enter the desired working pattern under Working Pattern field, using the following syntax: day: hours (optional), day: hours (optional), etc. See below for an example:

Example: For an employee whose pattern is Monday: 8 hours, Wednesday: 8 hours and Friday: 6 hours, type the following: Monday: 8, Wednesday: 8, Friday: 6

Once your Excel source file is complete, drag it into the box on the screen and it will load. A dialogue will ask to set the employee's identifier: 

  • Choose from Email (typical), Employee ID or Display Name. Click Next. 

If the file layout and values pass the validation, the values will be imported in the system. You'll find the updated work pattern under the employee profile > Employment:

You're all set!

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