Amazing Org Chart

Our already amazing Org Chart (if we do say so ourselves) has gotten some handy new features to make it even more useful. You’ll find a smart new people search button, a quick view when hovering over anybody in the chart, and a button to hide or show filters.

HR Metrics that Matter

KPI INSIGHTS Data at your fingertips
We have created a set of HR KPIs to help you track and assess your HR objectives and optimize your processes. The KPIs most recently added to bob’s insights include:

Rockin' Workflows

DEPENDENT TO DOs All in order
Get tasks to the right people at the right time! Workflows can now be created with added dependencies between To Dos, where a To Do will only be activated upon completion of the previous To Do.

Shout It Out

Define Shoutout audience by employment type! You decide who can see each shoutout.

Into Integrations

SECURE SENDING TO S3 Final destination
Not only SFTP, now you can have your scheduled reports sent to S3 destinations.

Easy, peasy
Adding to our existing list of SSO integrations with Google, Okta and OneLogin, you can now login to bob using your Azure credentials as well.

Revamping Reports

ATTACHMENTS INFO Clear as crystal
Time Off approved and pending request reports have gotten a new attachments column.  Now it’s easy to know if a TO request has attachments.

Satisfying Surveys

EDIT IN SETUP Edit and set it
A small but important improvement to editing surveys: form editing is now possible during survey setup. You’ll no longer need to go back to the form to edit after completing setup.

Tackling Time Off

We’ve added two new cycle lengths for your convenience: Bi-Weekly and Weekly.

People Performance

GOALS IN SLACK #channelgoals
Respond to Goal comments in Slack! Now managers and employees can reply to a comment on a Goal directly from the Slack. 

Keep in touch!

Look out for the next Product Updates here and in your inbox. And as always, if you have any requests for things you would like to see in bob, send us a message by email or in the chat icon below. 

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