bob's Workflows with To Dos will get you organised and prepared for anything the day throws at you. An online workflow manager that’s flexible enough for you and everyone in your company.

What are Workflows in bob?

Workflows let you automate basic tasks. Which means you spend less time doing those repetitive tasks and more time where it really counts.

Workflows are a collection of To Dos (tasks) which have been grouped and associated with a trigger date. For instance, you may have set actions which need to be completed when a new employee joins your team.

Workflows Out-of-the-box

Check out our default onboarding and Off-Boarding workflows to see what this looks like. You can change, add or remove this to suit your needs. Or even create your own from scratch! 

* Please note: only system Administrators have access to edit Workflows.

To Dos 

A To Do acts as a reminder to perform a task. The structure of a To Do is pretty straight forward. Each To Do will have a title, due date, and assignees that will own the action. You can also add a link to a specific location in bob, an action such as approving Time Off, or a document link along with doc actions like read approval.

Dependent To Dos

You can choose if a to do within a workflow is dependent on another to do. This means it will not be triggered with all other tasks, but only upon the completion of the todo it’s dependent on.

Triggering a To Do

In order to set triggers for your workflows, you'll need to select a trigger date for the workflow. This will in turn send off your To Dos to the right place on the chosen date. In case you have dependent tasks within a workflow, they will be triggered only upon the completion of the tasks they are dependent upon.

My To Dos

This is your personal checklist for all the To Dos you have to complete, whether you are an admin or another bob user. When you have finished a To Do you can mark it off as done by checking the box to the right of the To Do. This will then move it to the closed To Dos section.

People To Dos

This view is accessible only to system Admins. It's essentially an extension of My To Dos, giving the Admin full oversight on outstanding To Dos across your organization.

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