Connecting bob to Microsoft Teams' shared workspace means you get the best of both worlds. MS Teams and bob work hand in hand, allowing your people to engage and communicate where they already are.

Enabling the Teams integration with bob allows you to carry out several bob actions and get updates through the MS Teams platform:

  1. Start onboarding for new joiners

  2. Receive daily updates with people’s whereabouts and events

  3. See shoutouts and kudos in real-time

  4. Request time off or time away from the office

  5. Approve or decline time off and time away requests

  6. Clock in and clock out 

  7. Ask bob questions like 'who's out?' or 'who reports to Bill?'

Type help in a conversation or Team channel to discover more! 


Setup the bob/Teams integration

  1. In MS Teams, click on Apps and search for Hibob

  2. Add Hibob to your private conversation and to team channels to allow the entire team to interact with bob                                                                                                 - Click on the Hibob app tile                                                                                         - Press Add to add to your private conversation                                                           - Click arrow to open dropdown and press on Add to a team to select the                  desired teams

  3. Connect your bob account to MS Teams by typing connect in a private
                    - Click on the Connect button in the pop-up. A page to login to bob will                            open.
                    - Log-in* to authenticate the connection
                    - You will now see a message verifying success connecting between your
                      MS Teams and bob accounts
                    - Once completed your entire organization will be connected

* The same email domain must be used in both bob and Office 365 


  4. Congratulations! You have completed setup of MS Teams and bob integration for
      your entire organization. No further authentication is needed by any user in your

Don't know how to add an app to a conversation or team? Follow this link for additional information.

*Must be the system administrator in bob

Get Started

You're ready to get started with bob in MS Teams. Check out all of the bob actions and functionalities you can use in MS Teams.

Need more help? If you're unsure about anything please send us a message through the chat icon below.

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