About the Google Hire - bob Integration

How it works 

Once you mark a candidate as hired in Google Hire, the integration with bob will create a bob account for your new hire. An email and in-app notification will be automatically sent from bob, where you'll have the opportunity to confirm or adjust the employee's information prior to the account creation.

*Once the integration has been set up, you can select additional users to receive these notifications at Settings > Integrations > Recruitment Integration 

  1. Follow the link in either of the notifications and you will be taken to the new employee’s profile in bob's New Hire Wizard.
  2. Some basic information, already imported from Google Hire, will appear (full name, job title & department, email, start date etc.).
  3. Check the imported data and adjust as needed.
  4. Click Next to complete the hiring process so your new employee is created in bob and ready to go! 

   5. Following the new hire wizard you will be prompted to choose a date on which to
       invite your new hire to join bob. You can choose between sending now, on their
       start date, or any specific date of your choosing. 


How to set up Google Hire integration

In order to set up a Google Hire integration in bob, you must ensure that the Google account being used for configuring the integration has Admin System Role granted in Google Hire. 

Don't know how to check if your account is granted Admin System Role? Follow this link for additional information, or contact your Google Hire administrator.

To Set up a Google Hire - bob integration, follow these steps:

  1. In bob, go to Settings > Integrations > Recruitment Integration
  2. Click Manage on the Google Hire tile

   3. In the pop-up that appears, click Connect Google Hire

   4. Now you'll be redirected to Google's login page. Sign-in using your Google
       credentials to continue.

   5.  Click the Allow button to grant bob the required permission

   6. Congratulations! You have successfully completed the integration setup.
       You will now be redirected to bob, where you will see a green dot at the top left of
       the Google Hire tile. This means the integration is successfully set up.

Which fields are mapped?

Data will be automatically imported from Google Hire to bob once a candidate is marked as hired in Google Hire, according to the table below. Custom fields from Google Hire’s Job section will also be automatically mapped if they have the same names as bob fields. 


  • After entering my Google credentials (step 4) I am not getting the permissions screen as shown in step 5.                                                                                            Please check with your Google Hire admin to make sure your account has access to Google Hire.
  • I have completed all the steps as described above, but the circle in the Google Hire tile is still grey.                                                                                                 Please check with your Google Hire admin to make sure your account has Admin System Role granted.                                                                             

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