bob wants to help you show your employees they're appreciated, and to let them recognize each other too. Saying thank you is easy, but with bob it's even easier.

Say hi to Kudos! A fun and easy way to celebrate each others' successes, create your culture and drive employee engagement.

Why Use Kudos?

Kudos enables peer-to-peer recognition, providing: 

  • Employees with a fun way to share their appreciation and express gratitude towards their colleagues.

  • Managers a means to improve employee and team performance.

  • HR admins with a general picture of employee and manager performance.

Kudos How To

To share Kudos follow these steps:

  1. On bob's homepage click on the Post something button.

  2. Navigate to the Kudos tab.

  3. You'll see a default subject that you may edit it if you like. This will also be the subject line in the Kudos notification email. 

  4. Compose your Kudos text and mention the employee/s you wish to appreciate using an @ tag. At least one person must be tagged in a Kudos. 

  5. Decide who the Kudos should be visible to; Click on Choose audience and mark the audience you would like to include.

  6.  Click Post when you're ready to share your Kudos.

The posted Kudos will now appear along with shoutouts on bob's home and will be visible to everyone selected in step 5.

Kudos are also added to recipients' employee timeline.

Who can Post a Kudos?

Anyone with permission to post Shoutouts can also post Kudos.

Why not share some Kudos now?

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