Save time and increase productivity: Custom Flows allow you to delegate employee changes tasks to your managers and admins.

About bob's Custom Flows

The Custom Flows functionality enables you to manage HR business processes and  employee changes. In every Custom Flow you create, you can fully customize and define the specific fields to be changed along with the set of tasks to trigger, and you can add an unlimited number of approvers. 

You are also able to segment who each flow will apply to by site and/or department. For example, when a new hire joins your London site, they will automatically be associated with any flows segmented to the London site. 

Once your flow is up and running, you can track its progress in the convenient status view, so you always know where things stand.

Custom Flows how-to

Setting Up a New Custom Flow

To create a new flow you’ll need to define the fields and process flow according to your needs. You can start by editing one of bob’s preset flows, or create one from scratch.

Let’s first look at how to create a completely new Custom Flow:

  1. Click Settings on the side menu and select Flow Settings

  2. Under Flow Settings you will see all of your available flows, and you’ll be able to create new ones.

  3. To create a flow, click on Create a new flow.

  4. Enter a name for your new flow in the Flow name field.

  5. If you would like, type a description in the Description field.

  6. Now define who this flow will apply to. Under Applies To choose between all of your employees, or a specific subset. When selecting Subset of employees, the Applies to dropdown will appear where you can choose your segmentation based on site and/or department. 

  7. Select the field and/or fields to be changed as part of the flow in Select Categories and Fields. All fields included in the employee card are available here, including your custom fields!

  8. If you would like to automatically trigger a task list once this flow is complete, turn on the Initiate Task list toggle and select the desired task list from the dropdown.  You will be able to choose from any task list you have set up in Settings > Task lists.

  9. To add approvers to this flow, turn on the Add approvers toggle and scroll or search and click to select your first approver.

  10. Click Add another approver and select as above, repeating in the next field down for as many approvers as you’d like.

  11. Press the Create button.

  12. You’re done creating a Custom Flow! This flow is now available to activate by whomever you provided permissions to.

To create a Custom Flow by editing one of bob’s preset flows:

From the side menu, navigate to Settings > Flow Settings. You'll see all your available flows, including bob's Preset flows, shown here: 

Click to select one of bob’s preset flows, such as Promotion. To edit the flow, revisit steps 5 through 13 as explained in the Custom Flows How-to section above, and change or edit the existing values according to your needs.

Activating a Custom Flow

Ready to promote an employee, or make another change? Use your Custom flows to save time and preserve the integrity of your data.

To activate a Custom Flow:

  1. Go to People on the side menu and find or search the employee you’d like to run the flow for.

  2. Click the employee's name to enter their card, or check the box next to their name.

  3. Navigate to Actions > Update Employee, and select the desired flow. 

  4. Update the fields you wish to change. Keep in mind that if there is an effective date for this change, you must specify when you would like the changes to go into effect.

  5. Click Next to submit. In flows without approvers changes will apply immediately, and if there is an associated To Do list, it will trigger.

  6. If there are approvers in the flow, a notification will be sent at this time to the 1st (or only) approver about the change. He/she will be asked to approve or reject the change.

  7. The same will happen consecutively for each additional approver. Once all approvals have been made, the change will apply. If you selected to follow with a To Do list, it will trigger. Note: If any approver rejects the change request, subsequent approvers will not be notified and the change will not be made. In this case, the change initiator will be notified that the request was denied.

  8. Now, you can track the status of all the approval requests by navigating to People > Approvals.

Permissions: Managers & Custom Groups

To assure only your Custom flow is used to make changes to the category or fields you’ve selected, and give managers and custom groups permission to trigger flows, follow these steps:

  1. Access your user settings from Settings in bob's main (side) menu.

  2. Click on the Roles & Permissions tab.

  3. Click Manage Group under the name of the group for whom you would like to manage flow permissions.

  4. Under Other Employees click on Tasks and flows > Flows > Trigger flows.

  5. Verify the group has permission to view the fields added to the flow, and remove their edit permissions for those fields.

That's it. You're ready to go with Custom Flows!

Delegate and collaborate harmoniously; with our streamlined decision-making process you'll be boosting productivity in no time . 

Need more help? If you're unsure about anything, please send us a message through the chat icon below.

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