bob is all about employee experience and engagement, so what could be better than helping your employees find everything they need in one place? That's why we created the Company Portal.

What is Company Portal?

Company Portal is the go-to-place for everything your employee needs. From your company's social media pages like Facebook and LinkedIn to work tools such as Jira and SalesForce. Provide your employees easy access and show your new joiners what they should be acquainted with.

How do I Enable the Company Portal?

Go to Settings in the side menu and open the Manage Features tab. Turn on the Homepage Company Portal toggle, and you're done.

This will enable the Company Portal in the bob home page, where you can add or edit the relevant links.

Your Company Portal is located on the homepage, just below the shoutouts.
To add a new link:

  1. Click + Add new link

  2. Enter a name for this link in the Link title field for everyone to see

  3. Paste your link's site URL to the Link URL field

  4. If you'd like to associate an image with your link, click the icon in the Icon section and upload an image, ideally 60*60 pixels

  5. Define the Audience that will be able to view the Company Portal: All Company or Select by Site and Department

  6. Click Save Link and you're done

Editing the Company Portal 

Only admins can edit or delete links in the portal. Click on any of the links and select from the dropdown options.

Need more help? If you're unsure about anything please send us a message through the chat icon below.

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