Make sure your company uses cloud based Azure AD.
Currently, we do not support on-prem Azure AD, hybrid environment or AD B2C.

Why set up provisioning?

Improve the HR - IT flow with provisioning's auto-sync capabilities that automatically update changes, create accounts for new hires, or close accounts for terminated employees.

When is the user created on Azure AD?

Based on the configuration, bob can create the user once the user's profile has been created in bob.

Which information bob needs in order to set up the integration?

In order to activate the provisioning process, bob requires the following:

  • Application id 
  • API key
  • Tenant name for the Azure AD account

Note that an application needs to be created (see "Create an Azure Active Directory application").

Don't know how to get the above? Follow this
link for additional information on how to obtain the app ID and how to generate the API authentication key.

You will need to provide permissions in order for the integration to work (for additional information, click here):

  • Select Settings > Required permissions and click 'Add'
  • Now, select an API and Microsoft Graph
  • Select the Directory.ReadWrite.All permission
  • Click done
  • In the Required permissions panel, click the Grant permissions button.

How to set up Azure AD provisioning in the bob app?

Go to Settings > Integrations tab > Provisioning > Azure AD.
Copy the Application ID (client id), API key (secret) and Tenant name of your Azure AD account into the Azure AD provisioning configuration.

Note that the default password should comply with your Azure AD password policy.

Click save to finish the integration setup.

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