About Company Docs

Built for scale, bob's new document center is your hub for managing all those company documents you have floating around your computer. You can store and share anything from policy information to employee handbooks.

With Company Docs, you can:

  • Create, rename, and delete folders

  • Arrange documents in folders

  • See who uploaded which doc

  • Share folders with specific sites or departments

  • Preview a document

  • Download one or multiple docs

  • Request read approval for one or multiple docs

  • See the doc's read approval status

  • Use custom tags to keep documents organized

Company Docs How To


Your Company Docs permissions will define which options will be available to each user type in the Company Docs.

To set permissions for how people in the company can use Company Docs:

  1. Access your user settings from Settings in bob's main (side) menu.

  2. Click on the Roles & Permissions tab.

  3. Select the group for whom you would like to manage Company Docs permissions.

  4. Under '3. Manage Permissions' click on Company.

  5. Select Docs on the lefthand side. 

  6. To the right you'll be able to set the permissions to request read approvals under Docs, or to create, edit or delete company folders under Folder.

Document Actions Menu 

To view document properties and trigger actions:

  1. Tick the box to the left of the document name and click on 'Actions'.

  2. Here you will have the options to:
    Download - download file
    Read approval - request read approval
    Move to - move to a different folder
    Edit tags - assign custom tags for filtering
    Status - view the doc's read approval status(es)
    Download Status - download a doc's read approval
    Delete - delete file

Folders and Migration

The folder structure allows you to conveniently view and organize your documents. 


If you were using bob's previous Company Docs (before 6.2019), you will find two folders out-of-the-box where we've migrated your existing documents: Company Docs folder with the documents you had in the old 'Company Docs', and Public Docs folder with the documents you had in the old 'Public Docs'.

Creating and Managing Folders

To create a new folder:
Click on 'Create new folder', enter your desired folder name and click 'Create'.
Note that all documents must be housed in a folder.

To access the folder menu for folder renaming, deleting, and sharing options:
Click the three dots to the right of the folder.

Sharing a Folder

You can share each of your folders with any site and/or department, and define whether they can view or contribute content to the folder. When sharing a document to a site and/or department, new employees associated with that site/department will automatically have access to the documents relevant to them.

To share and set folder permissions:

  1. Click on the three dots to the right of the folder and select 'Sharing settings'.

  2. Under 'Who can view', choose the site(s) and department(s) you would like to view this folder.

  3. Under 'Who can contribute', select the site(s) and department(s) you would like to be able to contribute to this folder. 

Tagging a Document

Assign custom tags to your docs and then filter using your own criteria.
To create or edit a tag:

  1. Tick the box to the left of the document you wish to tag.

  2. Click 'Actions'.

  3. Select 'Edit tags' from the actions menu. 

  4. Name the tag and press enter. 

  5. Voila! A new tag has been created.
    Once created, the tag will appear in the dropdown menu and will be available for selection. 

Need more help? If you're unsure about anything please send us a message through the chat icon below.

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