Talent Groups is a unique feature to bob which helps admins and/or managers either nominate or identify subgroups of employees that are of interest to them. 

Being able to further categorise your people as, for example, "Ambassadors", "Influencers" and "Leaders" is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of how your organisation operates and discover important information to shape your business. 

The use of talent groups is endless and we love it because it can be used all year round, is extremely easy to set up and supports culture initiatives! Here are some examples to get you started - 

How to set up your first talent group?

Talent Groups can be found in Surveys > Talent Groups. To start please click the orange button 'New Group'.

Group setup: 

  1. The Name - Name your group e.g. Future leaders, top talent, employee of the month

  2. The Question - Define the question you want to ask the nominators 

  3. Click 'Select People' to select the nominators. You can choose as many nominators as you want e.g. 1 nominator or 46! Use the filters to help you select the nominators.

Setup - 

  1. Select the nominees 

  2. The number of people you want to be nominated 

  3.  Duration and reminders to the nominators 

  4. Click next

Email launch 

Define the email address that the nomination email will come from and the message you would like nominators to see. In this case Audrey was selected as the person who emails are sent from. 

The message that is sent in the email is fully customisable, but bob has repopulated a response in the message box to save you time. 

In progress view 

Count down how many days nominators have left to answer and who the those individuals are!

Nominators view 

What will nominators see and how do they nominate?

Nominating is easy, just click on the photos of your colleagues. This builds a list of nominated individuals at the top of the page. Once you have nominated everyone you would like, click 'submit'. 


Gather real insights from your talent groups and use this information to drive action in your organisation! 

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