Approved locations by IP Restrictions

bob’s Clock Locations functionality gives you the ability to define your employees’ permitted work locations, while you continue to benefit from bob’s robust Time and Attendance tool. 

Using IP-based restrictions, this Time and Attendance feature gives you the power to decide where your employees can clock in and out from. Only want employees to log hours from the office? Just turn on Clock Locations in bob’s sites settings and define your desired IP address, or multiple addresses for multiple office locations.

How does it work?

Simply define where employees are allowed to work, add the wifi networks’ IP for those locations to bob, and employees will be able to clock in only when connected to those specific networks. That way, you have control and your employees have flexibility when it comes to remote work. 


Now your employees will be able to clock in and out only when connected and physically present in the IP range/s you’ve defined. If they are out of range, the functionality will be disabled. Nothing else changes, they can still use the convenient bob app on mobile or laptop.

This added functionality puts the control in your hands so you can decide how and where your people work. 

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