*Please note the integration is only available with Lever's Enterprise Package

This document describes the configurations needed to be done on Lever side for the integration with bob.

Two artifacts are required for integration to work:

  1.   The Lever web-hook signature token
  2.   The Lever API key

Configure Lever artifacts needed for Bob

  1.    Access the Lever Settings from the left drop-down menu.

  2.   Select Integrations from the left sidebar.

  3.   From the Integrations main panel, select the API Credentials tab.

  4.   Click the Generate new key button under Lever API credentials. Fill in an integration name and select the following permissions under Read endpoints:

                   - read user
                   - read candidate
                   - list candidate resumes
                   - list candidate offers
                   - list candidate applications
                   - download candidate resume

  5.   Note down the API key. This will need to be needed for the Lever integration set up in bob.

  6.   Click the Done button at the bottom of the key generation panel.

   7.   From the Integrations main panel, select the Webhooks tab.

  8.   Under Webhook signing token, generate a new Signature token or copy the existing one - this will be needed for the Lever integration setup in Bob.

  9.    Login to bob and head to Settings > Integration > Recruitment Integration. Click “Manage” on the Lever integration and paste the API Key and the Signature Token from Lever.

This will then generate a webhook URL.

  10.   Head back into Lever and go to “Settings” > “Integrations” > Check “CANDIDATE HIRED” and click “Add Webhook”. Paste the URL generated in bob.

Lever API Usage

The Lever API endpoints used by Bob are described in the field below:


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