*Please note the integration is only available with Lever's Enterprise and Professional Package Plans

The bob integration allows you to automatically take newly-hired candidates from Lever and add them to bob.  In order to connect your Lever account with bob, configure the following:


Two items are required for integration to work:

  1.   The Lever web-hook signature token

  2.   The Lever API key


Configure Lever settings needed for bob

Step 1: Access the Lever Settings from the left drop-down menu.

Step 2: Select Integrations from the left sidebar.

Step 3: From the Integrations main panel, select the API Credentials tab.

Step 4: Click the Generate new key button under Lever API credentials. Fill in an integration name and select the following permissions under Read endpoints:

 - read user                 

 - read candidate   

 - list candidate resumes

 - list candidate offers

 - list candidate applications

- download candidate resume

- download opportunity offer file

- download candidate resume

- download candidate file

Step 5: Note down the API key. This will need to be needed for the Lever integration set up in bob.

Step 6: Click the Done button at the bottom of the key generation panel.

 Step 7: From the Integrations main panel, select the Webhooks tab.

 Step 8: Under Webhook signing token, generate a new Signature token or copy the existing one - this will be needed for the Lever integration setup in Bob.

How it works in bob

Login to bob and head to Settings > Integration > Recruitment Integration. Click Manage on the Lever integration and paste the API Key and the Signature Token from Lever.

This will then generate a webhook URL.

Head back into Lever and go to “Settings” > “Integrations” > Check “CANDIDATE HIRED” and click “Add Webhook”. Paste the URL generated in bob.

Which fields are mapped?

Custom fields: Custom fields from Lever’s Offer section will be automatically mapped if they have the same name as bob fields.

Documents: Candidate Resume, Offer and Other files will be pulled from Lever and stored in the employee’s confidential docs.

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