If you activated Auto Clock In on your iOS devices, and you encounter some or more missing entries, here is what we recommend to do:

  • If you recently updated your OS, this can sometimes hurt the Auto Clock In functionality. To solve it, we recommend to force-restart your device:

  1. Follow the directions here to find out how to perform the force-restart on your specific model (don’t worry, this will not reset or erase any data from your iPhone).

  2. After your device have finished woken up, open Bob app and when it finish to launch just move it to the background.

  • If your habit is to force-close Bob after you finish using it (by swiping it up from the App Switcher), then this can sometimes hurt the Auto Clock In functionality. We recommend not force-close Bob, and instead – just background it when you finish using it. 

Please note: Our suggestion here follows Apple’s guideline against force-closing apps, saying that this will not optimize battery consumption. Otherwise, it will most likely decrease battery life. You can find more info here.

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