Admin view

Bob helps you to streamline the onboarding process for new employees by letting them fill and sign docs digitally and have them kept in their own personal docs folder.

In the Company Docs tab, under the Docs section, you will find a new category called ‘Company Templates’. We already provided you with the new starter UK checklist and the W4 form, so all that is left for you to do is to assign it to the new employee who is joining your company

  1. In order to assign a template to a specific employee, access the ‘people docs’ tab and select an employee, exactly how you would assign a doc to an employee! 
  2. Clicking on  ‘+’ followed by ‘request signature’ will allow the admin to select the needed form to attach to employees from the available forms list. 
  3. Clicking on ‘preview’ allows you to see the form, as the employee would, before sending it.
  1. Once reviewed, click on ‘assign’. This will send an email to the new employee, telling them there is a document waiting for them to review and sign.  
  1. In addition, the pending documents will be presented in ‘employee docs’, marked as ‘requested’.
  1. If you need to cancel the request, click on the pending document and select ‘cancel request’. In such a case, if the employee clicks on the email link, the employee will not gain access to the document.

Employee view

  1. Once a form is attached, the employee will receive an email notification as well as a notification in the system.
  2. Clicking on the email link will redirect the employee to the ‘My docs’ tab, where the pending doc will automatically open and signal any required actions.
  3. When clicking ‘sign’ upon first use, the employee will need to define the signature (e.g. initials, doodle or a drawing) that will later on serve as an additional signature request.
  1. Once the employee has completed any required actions and clicks ‘finish’, the signed document will be uploaded to that employee’s folder.
  2. If the employee closes the document without finishing, it will be kept in a ‘pending’ status in the ‘My docs’ tab.
  3. Once completed, the employee can preview or download the document.
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