You can now change any employee's work pattern if they do not work the hours of their site. You can also record the FTE % worked against their employee card. 

Head to the Employee Profile for the employee, and go to 'Employment'.

Add or edit a row.

By default, the employee will receive their site's working pattern. 

Click in the 'working pattern' selector, and choose whether to set the work pattern in days or hours. The FTE % worked will be calculated as per your entry

If you choose 'days' the hours per day will be taken from the site. 

If you choose hours you will be able to define any hours for any day. 

You can always change back to the site default by choosing that option in the dropdown!

You can also set Time Off hourly policies to pro rate based on the % worked calculated here. For this to be accurate, the site working pattern must be up to date. To edit the site default working pattern, head over to your site settings.

How to import working pattern

You can import working pattern by entering the work pattern in a column named 'working pattern'.

For work patterns in days: 

Enter the days worked, separated by a comma e.g Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 

For work patterns in hours:

Enter the days and hours worked, separated by a comma and using colons. e.g. Monday: 8, Tuesday: 6, Wednesday: 4 

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