Submit timesheets

In order to remind people to review and submit their timesheets you can notify them with a quick email that’s sent on the last day of the attendance cycle (the day the timesheet period ends).

Missing timesheet entries

Use this notification to send emails to people who are missing entries on their timesheets. 

  • Daily reminder - You can email people the very next day if they’ve missed a timesheet entry.

  • Weekly reminder - You also may notify people on a weekly basis regarding missing timesheet entries.

Clock in/out reminders

Use this notification to remind people to clock in or out. The system enables you to set up a day and time to send an email,  in case a user hasn’t clocked in/out. The notification you send to will include a direct link to where a user needs to clock in or out.

Note - All notifications can be modified/disabled by anyone from the notification setting center.

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