Please note: an admin will need to enable Calendar Export in Integrations for this feature to work

You can export people's Time Off to an external calendar service, such as google. 

Head to your calendar view in Time Off, this is either located in 'requests' if you are a manager or admin', or 'calendar' if you are an employee. 

If you would like to export the whole company's Time Off

Click on the 'View calendar links' option under the calendar.
Copy the link for 'company time off requests calendar' and paste into your calendar service. (see section 3) 

If you would like to export a custom view

Create the view you would like to export by using the filter above the calendar, you can add people that don't match the chosen filter by clicking 'add employees'. 

Click on 'save view to custom calendar view', to create your custom calendar. Now click on 'view calendar links' and copy your link to your calendar service. 

Any new employees that match the filter will automatically appear in your calendar integration!

Copying links to your external calendar service


Go to your google calendar service, click on the plus next to 'add a coworkers calendar', and click 'from URL' 

Paste in the URL from bob. 


  1.  Press "add calendar" in Outlook and choose "from the internet" (see photo A from internet version and photo B from the Outlook app)

  2. Add the calendar link and give it a name 

  3. The Internet Calendar opens in side-by-side view in the Outlook Calendar and is added to the Navigation Panel in Calendar view under Other Calendars

Photo A 

Photo B

Voila! Your calendar is added. 

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