You can control which fields appear and if they are mandatory to complete when: 

Adding a new employee to bob (called the New Hire Wizard)

Navigate to Settings > Employee Fields. Use the checkboxes to mark which fields will appear in each wizard and if you want to make them mandatory.

Profile Customisation

In the Employee Fields section you can also add and manage custom fields in bob, including gender identities.

Add a New Category

Categories are collections of fields in bob. You'll already be familiar with the Personal, Basic Info and Work categories. Add a new category by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting 'Add new category'. 

You can define permissions for who can view and edit this tab in Roles and Permissions.

Add a New Field

Fields are the areas that hold information in bob. They can be added to categories and come in different types:

  • Text : short area for text
  • Test Area: long area for text
  • Date: only allows dates
  • Number: only allows numbers
  • List: pre-define what options are available

To add a field, select the menu next to the Category name.

You can name your field, set it's type and control which Sites can see it. Delete a custom field using the menu button next to it.


Some Categories have tables. Tables are used to track information over time. You can add custom columns to tables in a similar way to adding Fields to Categories. tables are held in dropdown sections below the category they are part of.

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