Bob provides time clocking tools for web and mobile, but some companies might prefer using physical devices instead.

We allow customers to connect their own physical time clock devices such as clocks, fingerprints swipe cards etc. with bob’s T&A system. The benefits of such an integration include use of Bob’s robust tools such as timesheets, time off integration, approval flows and payroll exporting, while keeping all HR and attendance data at the same place.

Your employees will be able to use these devices to clock in and out. The attendance data will be moved seamlessly to bob’s system. Then, your employees will use bob to view their data in timesheets, edit and finally submit all attendance information. Managers will use bob’s robust approval and reporting systems to approve and report all attendance data.

How does the integration work?

In order to transfer the data from your actual time clock to bob you’ll need to have a tool can that automatically export the info and then send it to the platform. This process can be done every day, or even a couple times a day. It’s up to you. All bob needs to know is the time that each user clocks in or out. 

Who owns the integration?

You do. We take the wheel once the data gets to bob, we’ll make it available in the T&A feature.

How to send the data to bob?

We are allowing our customers to upload time attendance data in few ways:

  1. File integration(most common)

*in both cases, we expect to get today’s data.

File integration: 

We support uploading files to our storage (cloud base). 

File format: CSV/XLSX 

File structure:  

     We need the following fields: 

  1. Clock in  (optional, can be empty if not exists)  
  2. Clock out (optional, can be empty if not seen)
  3. Employee identifier (can be any unique id)
  4. We’ll ignore any other info you want to add for debugging. 


We support multiple entries for the same employee, so you can send us the row data 

and we’ll do aggregation (at the end of the working day). 

Upload file to the cloud storage: We’re working with aws S3, which you could upload files via CLI / SDK in the supporting languages. 

Example of uploading from the command line:

You’ll get a url to upload the files to  + credentials to do so.

  1. Install aws cli: pip install awscli
  2. The first time you install, do so via `aws configure` (region should be eu-east-1)
  3. Upload the file to your bucket: aws s3 cp file.csv s3://time-and-attendance/myCompany/file.csv 

Notice that you’ll get the URL by bob! And the file name you upload should be with timestamp in order to be unique.

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