A note on how Time Off works:

  • Employees are assigned a time off policy. This tells bob how much leave they get, how they get it, when the year starts, etc.

  • Employees inherit a bank holiday calendar and working pattern from the site they are assigned to. If they have a different working pattern or observe a different set of bank holidays (or none at all) you can override it individually. See here.

Now, back to assigning policies.

Go to Time Off > People's Time Off > select the relevant policy.

Use the filter to narrow down to the group of employees you would like to apply a policy to. It could be a particular site, department or any other variable on their bob profile.

Select the entire list or individually with the check-boxes. Click Actions > Assign Policy.

Except in the case where the employee is changing to a new policy, you will usually assign the policy effective from the start date but you can also decide to assign the employee to a specific date or from current or next time off cycle.

Please note: when performing the action, the system will run validations (in a form of an overlay) before the update is conducted, so that you know whether the assignment will apply to all employees, and whether with or without exceptions.

For example, in the update below, since the past cycle (as of start day) is already locked, the user is prompted that past balances will not be updated.

At this point you can either click "Yes, Apply" to perform the update, click the exception to review the employees it will apply to, or cancel the update an refine the effective date of the update or change the employees to whom this update will apply.

Policies can be removed in a similar way, click Actions > Unassign Policy.

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