To enable or set up T&A on your site please go to ‘Site Settings.’

Employee Selection

Time & Attendance enables you to choose which employees will be required to report attendance.

All employees

This option opens T&A to all your employees, making it possible for each team member to report attendance. When you add new hires, they’ll be automatically added to the T&A feature. When you remove them from the system, they’ll automatically be removed from T&A.

Subset of employees

Use this option to select department, teams or groups of employees. Only employees in these groups will be able to report T&A. When a new employee is added to the selected groups due to a new hire or internal mobilization, this person will be automatically added to the T&A.

Specific employees

You can use this option when you want only specific people or departments to report attendance. Only these designated employees, their managers, and site administrators will be able to view T&A. Meanwhile, the rest of the site will not be able to see the ‘T&A’ tab. 

When a new hire’s added to the system, and this person needs to report attendance, you’ll have to manually add this employee to T&A. 

Removing an employee from this list will remove the user from T&A, though the timesheet will remain open until the end of the cycle. No new timesheet will be created for this designated employee in the following pay cycle.

Attendance cycles

Start day of the month

The first day of the attendance cycle that’s defined for a timesheet. A new timesheet will be created on this day. The last day of the timesheet will be exactly one month after.


  • January 1st’: Once set bob will automatically set the end of the timesheet to fall on the last day of January.
  •  ‘25th’: bob will automatically set the end of the timesheet to fall on the 24th of the following month.  

Timesheet approval deadline

 After the timesheet periods closes (one month after the start date), the following actions will need to be carried out during the ‘duration’ period:

  1. Modify timesheets as necessary
  2. Submit timesheets for review
  3. Designated managers/supervisors approve timesheets
  4. Finalize timesheet

Note: it is always possible to reopen/extend the payroll processing time from the Timesheets tab 

Timesheet approvals

Authorized approval

After timesheets are submitted they’ll need to be reviewed and approved. You can either authorize the direct manager or anyone else in the company with approving timesheets.

Incomplete timesheets

Enabling this option will allow people to submit incomplete timesheets. By default, only completed timesheets can be submitted. But you can utilize this module for hourly workers who have a flexible attendance policy.

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