If you have more than one office, whether they're in the same city or around the world, you can set them up in bob. We call these “Sites”. This will give you the ability to configure site specific settings on a number of bob features.

This guide will take you through the second half of the site setup: Site Details, Calendar, Working Patterns and Time Off. Before getting started, you need to add the needed holiday calendar templates. To configure them, see here.

Site Details:

  • Name - You can call your site whatever makes the most sense for your company. You probably already have site names, but if you don't, we recommend City, Country.
  • Details - language, time zone, date format and country are mandatory and must be filled out.

Calendar and Working Pattern:

  • Select the relevant holiday calendar that you have previously added in Settings > Calendar.
  • Set the default working pattern for all employees on that specific site. The working pattern tells bob which days of the week are working days.

If you have employees that work different working patterns to the site they are assigned to or should follow a different holiday calendar, you can override them by:

  • Editing this on the employee's employment section by editing the entry or adding a new row.
  • By importing the data via bulk import to the employee's employment table.

Time Off Override

You can personalise the time off settings for each site.

Here you will decide the balance closing frequency and the activity period for this site. For example, everyone in this site follows an annual cycle that runs from January to December, which may be different to your Australian site, which begins their cycle in July.

Changing the balance closing frequency affects how bob calculates balances. If monthly, bob will treat the balance at the end of each month as final. If annual, bob will treat the balance at the end of the year as final. Annual is the most common cycle type.

Balance Rounding
Control how you want bob to display the balance to employees in this site.

Now click save, this creates the site and it can now be used! Once you have created your sites you can bulk import people to them or add them one by one by adjusting the employees work profile.

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