bob started off with only two employee statuses — Active or Inactive, regardless of their actual status in your company (hired, unpaid leave, terminated etc.). We decided it was time to get more specific! 

Hibob will still only charge you for your active employees. 

So what are the new statuses all about?

Employees whose start date is in the future will automatically be set to Hired. Upon their start date, they will be automatically set to Employed.
Hired employees cannot access bob before their start date, and are not visible in the platform to other employees unless certain permissions have been granted.
Hired employees are not billed by bob.

The majority of your workforce will hold the status of Employed. Employees with this status will be anyone with a start date that is in the past and that has not been defined to any of the other statuses.
Employed employees are billed by bob.

Terminated employees cannot access bob after their termination date and are not visible in the platform to other employees, unless certain permissions have been granted.
Terminated employees are not billed by bob.

Garden Leave
A new feature of bob! If an employee's last day at work is set to before the employee's termination date, then their status will be listed as Garden Leave from their last day until their date of termination. For manager terminations, easily select a replacement owner to receive their workflows, to do tasks, and reports. Replacement managers also enable automatic profile and org chart updates for direct reports.

Finding Hired or Terminated employees

Simply use the Lifecycle filter to enable/disable view of any status type. 

Importing Historical Data

When importing historical data about Terminated employees, be sure they have a start and termination date present. Depending on whether the termination date is past or present, bob will be able to automatically detect the employees' status.
Once Terminated, historical data can be stored on the system for employees, but they will no longer be able to access the platform. 

Past Lifecycle Statuses

The employee's lifecycle statuses are kept in the Lifecycle tab, together with their effective date and reason for change. 

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