The following collection will help you get from brand new bob account to launching to your company. Remember that if you need help at any time you can contact the Customer Success team on the chat box below or at

Step 1: Importing your people data

Importing your people data is the best place to get started in bob.
Grab the spreadsheet and the guide below and you'll be ready to get your teams' details into bob.

Step 2: Importing your table data

Next up we'll import your payroll data. This is a great way to get quick insights into your payroll data across the company. 

Step 3: Time off

Next we'll create your Time Off policies (your different types of Time Off) and upload all your Time Off data. As with the previous steps, you'll need the import template and the guide:

Step 4: Decision time

That's the basics of what you need to launch bob. Now you have a decision to make. 

From here, you can:

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