Q: Where can I see my team’s timesheet?

A: To see your team’s timesheet, log in to bob, click on ‘Time & Attendance’ and then click on ‘Timesheets.’ Your team’s timesheet will be visible once the pay period has ended and timesheets have been submitted. 

Note: Soon, you’ll be able to see full attendance reports for your team in the ‘Insights’ tab.

Q: Can I change my employee’s timesheet?

A: Yes, as a manager you’re able to modify timesheet entries for your employee.

Q: What happens after I approve a timesheet?

A: Once you’ve approved your employee’s timesheet, bob will store the data and prepare a future payroll report. As a manager, you can access an employee’s timesheet to make any needed changes. However, once a timesheet is finalized, no more modifications can be made.

Q: What happens when I reject a timesheet?

A: The employee will receive an email that their timesheet has been declined, with an explanation that you provide. They’ll then have to fix the errors and resubmit the timesheet for your approval.

Q: Who approves timesheets?

A: By default, it’s your direct manager who’ll be notified of timesheet approvals. However, sometimes the admin assigns a different person in the company to be the timesheet approval manager.

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