Clocking in and clocking out in bob

Q: How do I clock in and out in bob on my computer?

A: Log into bob → click ‘Attendance’ on the side bar → Click ‘Clock In.’

Q: How can I edit my clock in and clock out times with bob on my computer?

A: To edit an existing time report, click on the row you want to change in your timesheet and edit the time entries.

Q: What happens if I forgot to clock in or out?

A: Don’t worry, bob will remind you by email to fill in any missing data. If a day is missing an entry, you’ll be able to either fill in the missing times or request that day off.

Q: Can I report multiple entries in one day?

A: Yes, you can clock in and out as many times a day as necessary. Days with multiple entries will have a special icon in the timesheet. By clicking on the icon, you can view the complete shift information. 

Please note that you can also add or edit shifts retroactively on the timesheet.

Q: I clocked in using a wrong time, how can I fix that?

A: Clock in again using the correct time. Starting tomorrow you will see two entries in your timesheet - delete the one that is incorrect

My timesheets on bob

Q: What info does my timesheet include?

A: Your timesheet contains your attendance information from a specific pay period. The data in your timesheet will include the hours you’ve accrued during a defined pay period. 

Q: How can I use my timesheet?

A: You can edit entries, fill in missing entries and view your full attendance information for any pay period.

Q: Can I view previous timesheets?

A: Yes, you can navigate between your timesheets to see previous and current attendance information.

Q: How do I submit my timesheet?

A: At the end of each pay period, you’ll be nudged to submit your timesheet. To do so, you’ll need to complete all missing entries and resolve any scheduling conflicts. Once this is done, just click ‘Submit.’ Keep in mind that after you’ve submitted a timesheet you won’t be able to make any changes and it’ll be sent to your manager for approval.

Q:What happens when I submit my timesheet?

A: Once submitted, you’ll no longer be able to make changes to your timesheet and your timesheet approval manager will be notified. 

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