There are two ways to allow selected users access to participants' reviews:

Share your review - This gives selected users access to a particular review cycle

  • Who can share? Owner of the review
  • What is shared?  All reviews within a cycle, including what the sharer's manager wrote about him/her

This is perfect if you're wanting a user to view only one cycle, without allowing them to view all cycles.


Company permissions: 

  • Give employees the permission to create, manage and start a review. 

If another admin launched a review but you don’t have the permission to view that review it will not appear in the review list

Other Employees:

  • Reviews: view results of employees defined in the filter, not including yourself. Opens “All Reviews” where user can see all reviews, but results will be tallied by the employees the user is allowed to see. 
  • A manager who has only direct reports will still see just the “Team Performance” tab (since the team and filter group are identical).
  • Team Review: Allows managers to manage the "team performance" tab. This is exclusive to the managers group
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