When the review cycle begins, all participating employees get an email invite which contains a link to the review. (These should not be forwarded to anyone else!)

Managers might get 2 emails: 

  • An invite to complete their reportees review
  • An invite to complete their own personal self-assessment (if defined in setup).

The employee’s email link opens the Self Assessment form in another tab (no need to login to bob)

The manager’s email link opens the team performance section in bob, where they can see what forms need to be submitted. 

During the review, managers will get updates when one of their reports submits their self-assessment.

Nearing deadline day?
Give employee's a quick nudge to ensure they don't forget to complete their review form! 

When an employee submits a self-assessment - it is marked as submitted and cannot be revised.

When a manager submits a manager review - it is marked as submitted but they can go back and revise their answers until the cycle ends. 

You can also set up email reminders which indicate how many days are left to complete the review. 

Ran out of time?
The review owner has the ability to reopen a review

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