The add new hire wizard helps you streamline the process of adding new hires. When you add a new hire, you can fill out all the employee's basic information, attach documents to their profile, define their payroll, benefits, and time off policy… all in one go. 

To add a new hire, simply click on the "Add" button on the top left of the People Directory:

The first step of the wizard will open - Basic details. Please note that there are 5 mandatory fields to fill in: First name, Surname, Start date, eMail and Site. Bob can also generate an automatic ID for every employee. You can manually override it by typing your value into that field. 

Ideally you should fill in all the details available and click [Next]. Once you click next, the employee record will be created. If you choose to leave the first step, the details you filled out will not be saved. After moving to the second step, the details you filled out will be saved.

The second step is filling out basic payroll details. Fill in employment type, base salary and variable pay; you can add multiple entries according to the compensation type (bonus, commission, etc.). Note that everything you update (effective dates) will be connected to the new hire's start date.

The third step will be to assign Time Off policies. Since each employee must have at least Holiday and Sick policies assigned, they are attached to them by default (note the red ribbon "assigned" on the top right of each policy type (tile).

You can hover over each tile for actions. [Remove] will remove the policy assignment and will allow you to select another. If a policy type has only one policy, clicking on [Assign] will immediately assign it to the employee. If a policy type contains multiple policies, then you will be directed to a list of policies to select from.

The fourth step would be to either set eligibility or to enroll benefits for your employee. Hover over each of the benefits for actions.
[Eligible] would create that benefit for the employee to select from.
[Enroll] would actually create the benefit for the employee. 

You will have to supply additional information for the employee's and employer's contributions

The fifth step will allow you to assign certain documents to the employee's folder for them to be able to view during onboarding. You can either assign documents from the shared folder, from your PC, or from a predefined template.

Note that you can place documents both in the employee's shared folder and in their secret folder (which they can't view, and can only view by permission).

Once you're done, you will get an alert that the employee has been added to bob.
If the new hire's Start date is today or has passed (meaning you've updated his details in retrospect), you will get an option to send an invite to bob immediately.

The wizard is available to edit up until the employee’s start date. Just go to your people’s directory and filter for INACTIVE employees. You can always access the employee's full profile by clicking their name in the title. Note that after the employee becomes active in the system, you will only be able to edit their information through their profile and not the new hire wizard. 

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