How to share a doc

There are two ways to assign a doc to your employees.

The first way is to go to docs → company docs → upload the doc, or choose from the docs you already have there. Click on the doc and this will open a menu, in the menu there are two options:

  • Share the doc - it will send it to the employee's doc folder.
  • Read approval - the employee will have to verify that they have read this document. 

The second way to share a document is from the people directory. Select one or more employees by ticking the box next to their name → actions → documents → share/request read approval. 

You can also use our filtering tool to select a certain site or department. Sharing made easy! 


You can then keep track of the employees who have read the document by clicking on Status in this same menu. 

The status will appear and show you:

  • All the employees you have shared it with, alongside their relevant data
  • The date you shared it, the status (Read or Awaiting approval)
  • The date the approval was sent 
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