Use the document section to upload, save, share and assign actions for important documentation. From leave policies to employee handbooks, personal contracts or other relevant files. 

From an Admin view the system is divided into four sections:

  • My docs – docs that have been shared with you 
  • Employee Docs – shared and secret docs for each employee at your company
  • Company Docs – the main hub for all company docs. 
  • Public Docs - documents that can be accessed by admins and employees alike, no special permissions needed! 

Uploading a doc

To upload new docs, go to the folder you want the document to be stored in and click the big ‘+’ icon. 

The upload screen will appear.

You can upload from your own computer, or from other online sources such as Dropbox, your email or a web link. The doc will then be processed and added to the designated folder.

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