Monitoring a survey

Once you have launched your survey, it will be saved in your "Company Surveys" tab. You'll always have visibility on the time remaining, how many people have completed the survey and when the next reminder is due.

Survey Actions

These are the list of options you can manage while a survey is running:

  1. Terminate the survey: Employees who are yet to participate will lose access

  2. Time restraint: Head to settings to adjust the days remaining

3. Preview the survey itself

4. Delete the survey altogether

5. Share the results with other managers (All results so exercise caution šŸ™‚ )

Survey Results

You can always view the results of your survey in real time, on the provision that there has been more than 5 participants. Alternatively, you can wait until the survey has finished and click on the "Results" icon to view them

Your results will be split into 4 sections:Ā 

Participation Level

Ratio between the intended audience and actual completion rateĀ 

Strengths & WeaknessesĀ 

An executive summary showing where your organisation is strong and flagging any areas you should be paying particular attention to

Questions & Answers

Evaluate responses on question by question basisĀ 


A statistical measure on the degree to which the score on one topic predicts a change to another. Once you've run a couple of surveys you'll be able to see if there's any correlation between them i.e on-boarding process vs employee engagement

Grouping the results

You'll be able to segment results by; Site, Department, Tenure, or Gender (this includes the full field list of gender identities), offering you a deeper analysis.

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