Surveys help you gain a deep understanding of your business and the people in it. bob can help you answer questions like: 

How do my employees feel?
Are they engaged?
How do they feel about their development or the first month in the business?

Surveys can be sent to your employees whilst preserving their anonymity. This guarantees that you will get complete, unbiased, empirically validated results. 

Key Principles

  • bob's survey library contains numerous research based surveys on different aspects of your employee's life: engagement, attribution, enthusiasm, on-boarding, training etc

  • bob's offers an option to quick survey your people, with 4-5 questions you can launch in minutes

  • All surveys are completely anonymous, both on your employees' part and also to you, as admin

Setting up your first survey

To set up your first survey go to Surveys tab > Survey Library.

You can read more about the different surveys by clicking the "more about..." links on the title, or by hovering on each survey tile.

Once you have chosen your desired survey, click on "Start setup".

You can always preview an actual survey by clicking "Preview Survey" button at the top left

  1. Name your survey with a logical relevant title you can easily access back into.

  2. Select an employee from your company as the sender of the survey mail invite

  3. Filter your audience:
    a) Select Sites and/or departments
    b) Advanced people selection:
        i. Select out of any custom list field you previously created in any of the employee profiles
        ii. Select people by their start date, by using predefined periods or by defining one for yourself using the custom time range

    Note that you can't select an audience smaller than 5 employees, otherwise you might infringe the anonymity factor.

  4. Edit your welcome message: This will serve as the body of the email sent to survey recipients 

5. Once your done, click "Next" at the top right corner to get to the second stage

6. Select the survey period (in days) - it will define the number of days you allow your people to complete their answers

7. Select the number of reminder notifications they should get. The reminder will keep reminding the employee until they complete the survey, after which it will stop

8. bob will display a quick timeline portraying the period and number of notifications

9. Once your done, click "Finish Setup" in the top right corner

10. Your survey will now be saved to your "Company Surveys" tab and you'll be presented with a short summary of the details prior to launch. You can preview the survey again before launching

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