This package includes a great range of discount offers, giving your people access to a richer lifestyle for less. The offers include lower prices for:

  • Cinema
  • Travel
  • Retail & Restaurants
  • Experience days

How do the discounts work?

For all of these discounts, your employees will get direct access from bob. We have a single sign-on (“SSO”) link to the provider’s sites, so they know your people are entitled to buy from them. This means your people don’t need to remember another URL, save another bookmark or forget another password.

Employees will purchase the vouchers from our suppliers, paying them directly, so there's no admin for you.

What’s in the Cinema offer?

For Cinema, the offer is UK-wide and includes all the major chains in the UK. Cineworld has the richest set of discount offers from individual tickets, drinks and popcorn to an annual cinema pass for far less than the Cineworld direct price. The other chains all offer discounted admission, typically 30-40% less than the standard price.

What’s in the Travel offer?

For Travel, the offer gives your employees access to Getaway Travel, a large discount operator that only works in the employee benefits market. Unlike many of the new travel options, Getaway is not just online. They have a dedicated phone service to provide expert advice and assistance when booking holidays, or just finding flights.

Because they get a fee upfront from employers, they pass on the usual travel agent commissions as discounts to their customers. That fee is normally paid from the £2 per employee per month charge that will apply after the trial period. 

For the trial period, we are picking up the tab. 

As a result, employees get significant discounts, even purchases from Expedia are discounted by a further 8% apparently. 

How about the Retail offer?

This offers cost savings on everything from day-to-day expenditure to big-ticket purchases. There’s an ever-expanding group of retailers participating. Again, the retail discounts are delivered through an SSO link, where your employees buy digital vouchers at a discount to the face value.  For example, if Andy wanted to buy a £500 suit from Debenhams, he could buy £500 in vouchers through bob for just £450 and use the voucher code to pay for the suit. Employees can save on everything at Argos or B&Q and soon, even the big monthly shop at Sainsbury or the endless choices from Amazon.

What’s the deal with Experiences?

The experience vouchers are sensational, offering 20% off Virgin Experience Days, whatever makes your day, health & beauty treatments, sky-high adventures, high-speed driving and more.

All of these are normally subject to an access charge paid from the £2 per month uplift, but we'll pay for the first 6 months.

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