The Benefits Store

The Benefits Store is one of the unique features of bob. It gives our customers access to benefits we've arranged with our providers and it provides a place for customers to share information about benefits they offer their people.

What benefits does bob offer?

We currently offer a set of 'soft' benefits and a selection of insurance benefits. We will continue to expand and extend the range of benefits to meet our customers' needs. 

Tell me about 'soft ' benefits

These are benefits that offer immediate value to your employees. They help employees save money, giving them access to discounts. We currently offer the following cluster of benefits all covered by an access fee of £2 per employee per month:
Cinema discounts: Taking the family to the movies can cost a lot less through bob. The savings are typically 25%-30%. Once you're signed into bob, you just click through to the Cinema site where you can view the latest trailers and buy ticket vouchers. You pay for the vouchers online and trade them for tickets at the theatre.
Travel discounts: Sodexo Getaway Travel is a full-on travel agent, but with no high street stores. Everything is provided online, just click straight through from bob, and on the phone. The savings are typically around 10%, which can really add up when you're booking a summer holiday.
Shops, restaurants and experiences: This benefit is due to be released very soon and will provide savings from 4%-15% on purchases and as much as 20% on experience days. You can save money on everything from the weekly grocery shopping to fine jewellery.
More 'soft' benefits on the way...

Insurance benefits on bob

Hi Bob (UK) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to arrange health and protection policies. We have agencies with leading providers Canada Life and Aviva for:
> Group Life Assurance       - Pays beneficiaries on the death of the insured employee
> Group Income Protection - Provides replacement income for extended illness / injury
> Group Critical Illness         - Pays a lump sum on diagnosis of certain conditions

We can also arrange:
> Private medical insurance with Aviva or AXA PPP
> Dental insurance from Denplan - A Simply Health company
> Health cash plan form The Exeter

What about the benefits we already offer?

We'll be publishing another article shortly to help you add your own benefits.

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