Adding existing benefits to bob

Bob not only allows you to shop for benefits it also allows you to add existing benefits to your company account. 

This way you are able to make employees aware of the numerous benefits your company offers! 

How to 

To create your own benefit, you will begin by going into the ‘Manage Benefits’ section of the benefits tab. You will see the option to ‘Upload your Benefits’ click here to get started!   

Once opened you will be given the option to select the type of benefit it is you are adding.

Next up you will add all the detail needed about the benefit. You will start by adding the name of the benefit and brief description about it – this is what the employee will see when they have been made eligible or enrolled onto the benefit.  

With creating your own benefit, you are able to choose who the main contact would be. This means that the designated contact will receive any notification emails from employees who are eligible and have expressed interest to be enrolled onto this benefit.

If your benefit has multiple plans associated with it, you will be able to accommodate for this with the “Add another plan” feature.  When setting employees as eligible or enrolled you will be able to select which plan each employee should be eligible for or enrolled onto.    

Once this is all filled in click 'NEXT' and you will be prompted to import costs or to continue later. 

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