Importing Employee Data 

Use this for your first ever import or to add a bunch of new employees at one time. Find it in your People tab, under Import.

How to import 

  1. Use these steps in conjunction with the people import template. You can access and download this directly from bob. Go to People > Import> Import People > Basic Data and the template will download once you click on the button.
  2. Define your sites in bob
  3. Now you have your data on the template you can upload it to bob. Click 'Import People' and follow the prompts. Tip: make sure you select the correct sheet for the data you want to import.
  4. Once you've uploaded your sheet, bob will automatically flag any anomalies and values which need might need too be manually sorted:

4. Click next and you'll be presented with a mini report detailing rows which have successfully imported, as well as any errors.
5. You will need to run your first import twice: once to create the profiles, then again to assign employees to managers.
6. Repeat this process for each sheet of data you are uploading, ie. Basic Details, Extra Details, etc. Tip: you must have the employees email address for this to work!

Updating Employee Information

Once you have uploaded your employees, you will need to do an update import to add their 'Reports to' information. You can also update them at any time to add more information.

To do this, click the 'Update People' button and upload the same spreadsheet you used above. Follow the prompts to choose your sheet, Match only the email address and the Reports To field and click done.

You've now done your first import. Congratulations!

Next, import table data

What happens if I have errors?

If your import doesn't match with bob, you'll get a bunch of errors. The easiest way to fix these is to download the error report from bob. This will give you a spreadsheet in the correct format for re-upload, with one line for each error.

In the last column of the data, you will find the error reason. Once you have corrected your data, you can use this same spreadsheet to upload the new information. Use the same button (import or update) that you used initially.

For more help with importing your data, contact us on the chat icon below.

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