Calendar Integration for Admins

Hibob allows you to easily connect your company calendar with Google, Outlook or iCal. Meaning your team has full oversight on people's holidays, sick days, and new joiner start dates from their preferred email client.

Configuring Integration

  1. Go to settings > My Company and generate the desired links 

  2. Copy the links to the respective calendars 

  3. Continue to steps a. or b. below for Google or Outlook integrations 

a. Google Calendar

Head on over to your web calendar and click on the plus next to "Add a coworker's calendar" and select From URL. 

Then all that's left is to paste the link and click Add Calendar! 

b. Outlook

  1.  Press "add calendar" in Outlook and choose "from the internet" (see photo A from internet version and photo B from the Outlook app)

  2. Add the calendar link and give it a name 

  3. The Internet Calendar opens in side-by-side view in the Outlook Calendar and is added to the Navigation Panel in Calendar view under Other Calendars

Photo A 

Photo B

Make sure to leave no white-space before the URL when copying and pasting

Calendar Integration for Employees 

Configure Integration 

Follow this link  for steps on how to integrate Bob to your personal calendar.

Please note that if the Admin has not generated the link the calendar icon will not appear. 

Please also note the calendar integration will take up to 24 hours to update.

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